About the Indiana Section PGA

Founded in 1916, the PGA of America is the largest working sports organization in the world, comprised of dedicated men and women serving as the experts in the game and business of golf. Our mission is to promote the enjoyment and involvement in the game of golf and to contribute to its growth by providing services to golf professionals and the golf industry.

The Indiana Section, chartered in 1924, is one of 41 geographic Sections that make up the PGA of America. Our members are often referred to as “Club Professionals,” who serve as experts in the ever-changing business of golf and are the leading players, teachers, skilled business managers, community leaders, and superior merchandisers who have dedicated their careers to this great game of golf.

The Indiana Section PGA encompasses the entire State of Indiana and has over 600 members and apprentices. The Section office is located in Franklin, Ind., and acts as a resource for local and national golf information for the golf professional and amateur player alike.

In 1972, the Indiana Golf Association and the Indiana Section PGA joined forces to become the IGA-PGA. One of very few joint amateur and professional golf organizations in the country, the IGA-PGA now manages the Indiana Women’s Golf Association and in 1994 established the Indiana Golf Foundation as its non profit wing.

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