About an iGolf Membership

About an iGolf Membership

iGolf Indiana is the brain child of the Indiana Golf Office, an organization dedicated to “promoting the game and honoring the tradition” of golf in Indiana. The Indiana Golf Office is the parent organization over the Indiana PGA, the Indiana Golf Association, the Indiana Women’s Golf Association, Indiana Junior Golf, and the Indiana Golf Foundation.

Historically, the Indiana Golf Office offered a golf handicap membership program. This membership was designed for those golfers who either cared about improving their handicap and wished to track it, or those golfers who needed an official USGA handicap in order to compete in tournaments. The Indiana Golf Office recognized the need to develop a membership program for the average Hoosier golfer that included benefits in addition to a USGA Handicap. The Indiana Golf Office consulted with member courses to determine benefits that avid Hoosier golfers might enjoy. The result? The iGolf Indiana Membership program.

Did you know that as a member of iGolf Indiana, you receive an official USGA Handicap?
With your USGA-Handicap, you can:

  • Complete on an even playing ground with others

  • Monitor your improvement 

  • Track your scores and statics easily

  • Register for IGA-PGA and IWGA tournaments

Plus, iGolf Indiana will send you a personalized Handicap Index e-Revision and Newsletter via email every two weeks during the golf season (March 1 – November 15).

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