Apprentices & Pre-Apprentices

Apprentices & Pre-Apprentices

Apprentices are those registered in the Professional Golf Management (PGA / PGM) Program through PGA of America. Apprentices must follow the Acceptable Progress schedule for the PGA/PGM Program, and for employment.

New Apprentices, contact the office to set up your PGA Handbook login account.

2017 Pre-Apprentice Registration Form
2017 Apprentice and Pre-Apprentice Eligibility Form
2016 Apprentice Committee List of Mentors
Apprentice Mentor Program Guide
PGA National Forms Library


In order to be eligibe for Indiana Section Touranments, Apprentices must meet the following requirements:
  • Follow the Acceptable Progress schedule for the PGA/PGM Program.

  • Background Check registered with National

  • Successful Completion of the PGA National online Qualifying Courses.

    • You are considered a Pre-Apprentice unless you have registered as Level 1 with the PGA PGM Program.

    • Qualifying Courses

  • Pass the PAT

  • Live in Indiana and maintain eligible employment.


Apprentices registered with the Indiana Section are eligible to play in the following tournaments (as long as they have met the requirements outlined above) EXCEPT Apprentices shall register with PGA for the Assistant’s Championship and meet the PGA requirements in lieu of Section requirements.

Indiana Open

PGA Pro-Am

Indianapolis Open

**Assistant Championship

Southern Open

Senior Open

Northern Open

Women's Open

Monticello Open

Team Event

Pro-Assistant (No PAT required)

Tournament Series Events

Fall Pro-Am

Las Vegas Pro-Am (No PAT required)

** Register for the event through