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Mike David Named Honorary Member of the Indiana Section PGA

October 23rd, 2013

In a surprise ceremony at the Indiana Section PGA Fall Meeting, Executive Director Mike David was named an Honorary Member. David is the first individual to be named an Honorary Member of the Indiana Section PGA.

"The timing could not have been any better,” said Todd Firestone, President of the Indiana Section PGA. "At last year’s PGA Annual Meeting, Former PGA of America President Will Mann won the Legends of the PGA Award. During his speech he mentioned other great names involved with the PGA across the country and one of the people he named was Mike David.”

Immediately following Mann’s speech, Firestone, Indiana Section PGA Past President Tim Frazier, Former PGA of America President Mickey Powell and current PGA of America President Ted Bishop met and decided it would be a great idea to award David an Honorary Membership in the Indiana Section PGA.

"Mike has probably had more of an impact on golf in the State of Indiana than anyone in the past 25 years,” said Tony Pancake, Secretary of the Indiana Section PGA. "His work leading the various Associations, developing numerous junior programs and creating scholarship opportunities for kids through golf will benefit Indiana golfers for years to come.”

"The words that come to my mind to describe an Honorary Member are commitment, integrity, loyalty, and the ability to make others buy into his vision and goals,” said Firestone. "Mike David possesses all of these qualities and we are excited for him to become a part of our Indiana Section PGA.”

While David was in the dark about the award, his wife Betsy, children Adam and Amy, and additional family members were present to share the award with him.

"I was extremely surprised and it is an incredible honor to be the first person in the Indiana Section to be recognized as an honorary member,” said David.