Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

The following shall be designated as the Official Tournament Regulations governing the conduct of Pro-Am competitions in the Indiana Section-PGA of America. Such regulations are applicable to all Pro-Am events and shall be carried out by the Tournament Committee as appointed by the Indiana PGA President.

The object of these regulations is to establish a standard procedure and assist the various members of the section in the conduct of events. It is the sincere desire of the Tournament Committee to elevate the status of Pro-Am events and to establish a format that dignifies the PGA Professional.


Players shall be eligible to participate in Pro-Am competitions provided that they qualify as follows:


Eligibility is limited to Indiana PGA members, Apprentices or Pre-Apprentices who have registered with the Indiana Section, passed the Section Rules test and have completed required 16 hours of education. Hosts questioning the eligibility of any professional should call the Golf Office prior to letting the professional participate. It is the responsibility of the Host Professional to verify the eligibility of professionals and apprentices.


Amateur participant must be members of an Indiana Golf Association Member Club and possess a current IGA-PGA GHIN approved handicap. Any questions on eligibility should be directed to the Indiana Golf Office.

Pro-Am Dress Code: Amateurs may wear shorts - collared shirts are required. Upon entering the event, professionals should be informed by the host of their club or course dress code.


1 Team-Entry $240.00

2 Teams-Entry $420.00

Includes carts, amateur skins, low pro, and pro-pro


Professionals competing in Pro-Am events shall be deemed responsible for the validity of his amateur partnerís handicap. Amateurs must have a current IGA-PGA GHIN approved handicap at a recognized golf club or golf association in the state of Indiana, which has been rated by the USGA Course and Slope Rating Format.


In order for an amateur to participate with a handicap in an Indiana PGA sponsored Pro-Am the professional entering with that amateur MUST provide the CURRENT computer printout denoting his partnerís handicaps, OR that amateur MUST provide a CURRENT computerized handicap card. CURRENT = ONE NOT MORE THAN 45 DAYS OLD. Amateurs failing to provide a handicap card, or professional not providing current computer printout, will result in amateur(s) playing at scratch. ONLY IGA-PGA GHIN APPROVED HANDICAPS ARE ACCEPTABLE. *AMATEURS WITH A HANDICAP AT MORE THAN ONE CLUB MUST PLAY WITH THEIR LOWEST ESTABLISHED HANDICAP.


Each professional is responsible for the following:

  • Card must be signed by professional and at least one (1) amateur team member
  • A score or X must be in every hole box for all players
  • Holes where amateurs are to receive strokes should be dotted by team professional prior to teeing off. Amateurís actual handicap should be listed by his name
  • The format of the event should be noted on the card
  • The host professional and his scorer are responsible for the total score, for the application of the handicap strokes and the determination of the net score. The player is responsible for the application of the handicap strokes and the determination of the net score. The player is responsible for the validity of the gross, hole-by-hole scores.
  • Host professionals must send the scorecards of all players and teams that win money or merchandise in the event to the Golf Office.
  • Host professional will post all adjusted scores to the GHIN SYSTEM AND DENOTE THEM AS TOURNAMENT SCORES.
  • Post all scores when at least 13 holes are scored.
  • On all holes where scores are not recorded, the amateur receives par plus any handicap strokes he would have received.

The following requirements and conditions shall be adhered to by all participants:

  • The rules of the USGA together with any local rule deemed necessary for the conduct of the event shall govern all competition.
  • The golf course shall not be damaged in any way.
  • Practice is restricted to designated areas.
  • Abusive and profane language, gambling to excess and conduct which can be detrimental or derogatory to host club or its members, other Members of the Section, its officers, or either is prohibited.