Become a Member of the PGA

Become a Member of the PGA

Turn Your Passion Into Your Career!

There are approximately 2 million jobs available across all sectors of the golf industry. Follow your dream and build a fulfilling career in a sport you love! 

​​There are two pathways that lead to PGA membership:
  •  PGA PGM Associate Program
    • ​Education Requirement - Must have a high school diploma or be at least 18 years of age and have the equivalent of a high school education
    • 2-5 year education program with a requirement of employment at a golf facility 
    • Acess to state and national education programs and opportunities 
    • 100% of all Indiana PGA section Associates are fully employed 
  • PGA Golf Management University Program
    • ​Program is accredited by the PGA of America
    • Students earn a bachelor degree in a golf industry compatible major
    • Upon completion, students can apply for PGA Membership
    • Graduates currently have a 100% employment placement rate
While the associate and university programs differ in significant ways, both pathways require completion of the same PGA PGM curriculum, work experience, PGA Playing Ability Test, and employment or internship requirements.
The courses cover content and activities every PGA Professional should know and be able to demonstrate when they enter the profession as a PGA member.

Want to become a PGA member, but not yet working in golf? Begin in the PGA Affiliate Program, to eventually become a PGA Associate and work toward PGA Membership. This allows you to complete level 1 of the award winning education program designed for aspiring PGA Professionals that focuses on the People, the Business, and the Game. 


Career Opportunities with a PGA Membership:
  • Golf Course Operations

  • Executive Management

  • Teaching & Coaching

  • Association/Charity Management

  • Sales & Customer Service

  • Marketing & Promotion



"The path to becoming a PGA Member allowed me the opportunity to obtain a free college education, play golf across America and other countries, and put in the presence of many celebrities. Golf companies, golf courses, and other golf facilities are looking for candidates of all backgrounds. Ger your resumes out out there." - Mark Nance, Head Professional at Plum Creek GC

"The PGA of America has provided me with a fantastic network of like-minded golf professionals who love golf as much as I do. I would encourage anyone even remotely interested in golf to consider a career in the industry. Who wouldn't love to make a great living doing something they love? Explore opportunities and find the path in golf that is best fit for you." - Catherine Benson, Director of Golf Management at Trine University


"There is a stigma that "if you get into the golf industry, you won't play golf." That is a false narrative. Including my assistants and myself, we played over 150 competitive rounds last year and we plan on doubling that this year. If you want to continue to enjoy the game, have your office as a golf course, and help coach/mentor the next golfing generation, then this business is for you." - Kyle Kolarz, General Manager at Hillview CC


For more information about any of these programs please reach out to PGA Headquarters at 1-800-474-2776 or visit