Community Rewards

Community Rewards


Enroll your Kroger Card into Kroger Community Rewards!

  • Click the Orange button that says "Create an Account."
  • You will need your Kroger card or alternate ID (most likely your phone number) accessible.
  • Search the Indiana Golf Foundation or ID # 32352.
  • How do you know if your card is enrolled? Within 10 business days of enrolling your Kroger card, check under the My Account heading to verify enrollment.
  • Each year, around January, you should receive an email requesting that you re-enroll your Kroger card to our organization.  It does not carry over year to year.


Make all your Amazon purchases through Amazon Smile!

  • On your first visit to Amazon Smile, select the Indiana Golf Foundation as your charity of choice.  When you return to shop again, the website will remember you have selected the Indiana Golf Foundation.
  • All purchases need to be made by starting out at (You will still be logged into your Amazon account).
  • 0.5% of each eligible purchase is donated to the Foundation.
  • To find out if a purchase is eligible, click on the product details page.
  • You can change your charity by signing into your account and making an edit under the search bar that lists which charity you are currently supporting.