How to Post an Indiana Golf Handicap Score Online

How to Post an Indiana Golf Handicap Score Online

1. Go to

2. Click on Indiana Golf Membership, click on "Post a Score" and then click on "Sign In".
3. Login to your Member Account.

4. Accept the Terms of Service (only on the initial sign in).

5. Update your email address (only on the initial sign in).

6. Here is your option to change your password.

7. Under the Handicapping Tab select "Post".
8. Select "Adj. Gross Score" button to enter a gross score or select "Hole-By-Hole Score" button to enter the round hole-by-hole (for hole-by-hole steps, follow the steps listed on the screen).

9. Select the date that the round was played.

10. Enter the number of holes played, either 9 or 18.

11. Select the method of entry for the rating and slope information: 

  • To look up courses by name and location, select the "Lookup" option. Select the tee played and the rating and slope information appear. If the tee you played is not available in the drop-down, select "Other" and manually enter the tee name and its rating and slope information.

  • To manually enter a course's rating and slope information, select the "Manual Entry" option.

12. Enter the Adjusted Gross (Net Double Bogey) Score.

13. Select the round type - Home, Away or Tournament.

14. Click the Post Score button.