IJGP Player Testimonials

IJGP Player Testimonials

Chelsea Morrow  
Hamilton Southeastern, Class of 2019  
Indiana State University Commit

My experience with IJGP has shaped me into the golfer that I am today.  I have made lots of new friendships, learned more about the game of golf, and it has made my love for golf grow.  This program would be beneficial for anyone that is interested in playing golf.

  Taylor Norman
  Bedford North Lawrence, 
Class of 2019
  University of St. Francis, Fort Wayne Commit

My IJGP experience was one of the most important parts of my life as well as my golf game. I learned so much between learning how to play smart and how to hit different shots under pressure which helped me immensely throughout my entire golf career. The IJGP also helped to form one of my best friendships I’ve ever had as I met her through a junior tournament at Sunrise Golf Club in Madison. Overall, the program has made me a better and more resourceful golfer as well as one who can form special and important relationships with a lot of different people!

Avery VonDielingen  
Zionsville, Class of 2019  
Butler University Commit

I had a fantastic experience with the IJGP! Not only was this program a lot of fun to play in, but it also tremendously helped my golf game, allowed me to meet so many nice players and families, and taught me lots of life lessons. It is normal to be nervous when you are first starting something new, but I can guarantee that you will be so happy that you were a part of this program and will get so much out of it!

  Nick Frey
Class of 2018
  Xavier University

If I was going to talk to a 10 year old about signing up for the IJGP, I would tell him/her it would be the first step towards playing golf at a high level.  The many opportunities that the IJGP provides can really help take your game to the next step.  Believe it or not, my first tournament that I ever played in was an Aquafina Prep Tour Event!  Looking back at those tournaments, it seems like so long ago, but they made me the golfer I am today.  I learned so much in every tournament I played, and it really helped my game progress.