Indiana Golf Foundation Board of Directors


Thad Miller


Gina Giacone

Vice President

John Cohoat


Tony Pancake, PGA

Past President

Jeff Abrams

Steve Baker

Jack Barber, PGA

Billy Barkimer

Michael Browning

Travis Brown

Tina Burks

Julie Carmichael

Lynne Damer

JoJo Gentry

Jeff Greenberg

Brian Harris

Hope Oaks

Bill Pollert, PGA

Dan Ross, PGA

Josh Shelton

Michael Solari

Steve Sterrett

Jack Tanselle

Patrick White, PGA

Indiana Golf Foundation Board of Directors

2022 Board Member Committee Assignments

DEI (Diversity Equity Inclusion) Committee

Chair: Hope Oaks
Members: Travis Brown, Josh Shelton, & Bob Elzer
Staff: Mike David, Autumn Strong
Description: Internal assessment of our areas of influence and work to diversity.
  • Work with First Tee National and their DEI Committee
  • Identify ways to diversify board, parents/participants, and coaches/volunteers
  • Review board made up with Governance Committee

Finance/Investment Committee

Chair: Steve Sterrett
Staff: Autumn Strong, Mike David
Description: Work to make the financial reporting process more efficient and relevant. Also work on investment policies and monitor investments.
  • Review current financial reports and recommend changes
  • Review current financial status and recommend investment options

Governance Committee

Chair: Steve Baker
Members: Gina Giacone, Thad Miller, & Tony Pancake
Staff: Mike David, Autumn Strong
Description: Responsible for ongoing review and recommendations to enhance the quality and future viability of the board of directors.
  • Regularly asses board effectiveness, roles and responsibilities.
  • Designs and oversees a process of board orientation.
  • Quarterly initiates an assessment of the board's performance as a whole and individually. Provides counsel to the board president and other leaders on steps they might take to enhance board effectiveness.
  • Takes the lead in succession planning, taking steps to recruit and prepare future board members.

Major Gifts Committee

Chair: Jack Tanselle
Members: Steve Baker, Thad Miller, Tina Burks, & Jack Barber Staff:   Autumn Strong
Description: Identify major gift opportunities. Work on engaging board in recognizing major gift prospects. Review current donor lists to target larger gift prospects.
  • Review current donor list provided by staff to target consistent giving and potential major donors.
  • Engage board in recognizing major gift prospects. Review and strategize with open pledge reports. Develop plan for introductions
  • Strategize and develop ways to cultivate relationships prior to solicitation. Engage board in various campaigns

Stewardship Subcommittee

Description: Identify ways to show gratitude and appreciation to our donors.
  • Think of gifts that show impact.
  • Think of recognition ideas- events, naming, etc.
  • Identify, as donors, what you like and do not like with acknowledgment. Develop strategy for 4th year of a pledge.
  • Think about retention plan for donors of all levels. Review annual gift ideas for Youth Partner levels. Identify handwritten thank you opportunities.

Marketing Committee

Chair: Travis Brown
Members: Lisa Wallace, Lynne Damer, Bill Bremner, & JoJo Gentry
Staff: Mike David, Kelly Churney, & Autumn Strong
Description: Look for ways to promote the various programs that The Foundation and First Tee are offering
  • Work alongside staff for campaigns and outreach.
  • Strong social media presence-share, like, comment.
  • Approve major marketing materials created by staff.

Pros 4 Kids

Chair: Patrick Dodson/Mark Nance Members:
Staff: Julia Potter-Bobb
Description: Organize and conduct annual Indiana Golf Charities Day
  • Reach out to professionals for participation.
  • Develop strategy for awareness at the annual spring meeting. Obtain donated gifts for day of event awards.

Volunteer Committee

Chair: Josh Shelton
Members: William Barkimer, & Charlie Schuyler
Staff: Taylor Haudek, Mike David, Autumn Strong
Description: Responsible for ongoing volunteer recruitment for the greater Indianapolis First Tee program location.
  • Regularly assess the need for volunteers and communicate directly with our Director of First Tee Operations.
  • Manage the quality and commitment of our volunteers.
  • Make sure all volunteers are in compliance with the opportunities and qualifications laid out in the handbook.
  • Support The First Tee Operations Director with volunteer stewardship including any additional engagement activities or events.

Youth Partner Program Committee

Chair: Hope Oaks
Members: William Barkimer
Staff: Autumn Strong
Description: Work to grow our corporate support through the Youth Partner Program Corporate.
  • ​Identify potential new Youth Partners.
  • Make introductions to potential Youth Partners. Monitor renewal for past Youth Partners
  • Staff is responsible to timing of invoicing and making sure