Scholarship Applications

Scholarship Applications


Directions for submitting an application for the 2014 IGF Scholarship/David E. Simon Scholarship:

∑ Choose the scholarship application, then download and save under your first and last name and scholarship, i.e. CyndiLawson.Foundation.pdf or CyndiLawson.Simon.pdf.

∑ Once you save the application to your computer, please complete the application by filling in the pdf electronically. You can tab between fields and save as needed.

∑ The essay should be one-page, 1.5 spaced, and saved as a pdf under your last name with scholarship name, i.e. Lawson.Foundation.pdf or Lawson.Simon.pdf.

∑ Each scholarship requires completion of the Academic Scholarship Evaluation.

∑ Only Simon Scholarship applications need to complete the Employment Evaluation form.

How to submit your application:

∑ Students should email a copy of the application and essay to

∑ Students should print a copy of the application and essay, provide copies of parentsí 1040 forms, academic evaluation, transcripts and employment evaluation (only if applying for Simon Scholarship) and mail in a 10x13 envelope. Please use paper clips if necessary, do not staple any documents. Do not bind applications or use folders.

∑ Applications with all supporting material must arrive at the Indiana Golf Office by March 1, 2014.

∑ Mail to the following:

Indiana Golf Foundation

Attn: Scholarship Committee

PO Box 516

Franklin, IN 46131

Please contact Cyndi Lawson at with questions.