Get an IGA-PGA Handicap

Get an IGA-PGA Handicap

Follow the three simple steps below...

The IGA is an association of member clubs which are united in purpose: to provide their members with the opportunity to pursue the game of golf with integrity and in accordance with the USGA Handicap System.

An individual may join the IGA by joining one of our IGA PGA member clubs either directly or through an online handicap service.

An online USGA Handicap lets you post scores via the Internet through a personal, password protected BlueGolf account, and to participate in IGA PGA tournaments for an annual fee of $35.

Membership in the IGA is established through a "home" club, where your Handicap Index is kept. As part of the online application process, you will be asked to select a home club. Currently, there are over 150 IGA PGA member clubs located throughout the state that are accepting new members through this online system. We hope this provides you with a variety of excellent options from which to choose when filling out your application for membership.

Listed below are three links that will take you step-by-step through the online membership process. If you have any questions or experience technical difficulties,please contact the IGA at (800) 779-7271 ext 230 or via email at

This online handicap does not entitle you to any privileges beyond maintaining a current USGA Handicap Index at your home club. Contact the facility directly if you want information about membership/playing rates.

**Once you select and register for a "home club" you cannot change your club affiliation unless you register and pay for a second membership.

Step 1: Information and Instructions
Step 2: Find a Home Course
Step 3: Register