Indiana Section PGA Tournaments

Indiana Section PGA Tournaments

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Indiana Section PGA Policies and Procedures


  • USGA Rules shall govern all play except where modified by local rules.

  • Specific tournament rules will vary from event to event. All contestants in Indiana PGA events will receive a rules of play sheet.

  • No tournament shall be held at any golf club or course unless the head golf professional is a PGA Member (Class A) or registered apprentice.

  • All decisions shall be made by the Tournament Committee, whose decision is final.

  • The Indiana Section PGA reserves the right to accept or reject entries at any time for any reason.



A reminder to everyone that all registration for Indiana's National events, the Indiana Professionals Championship, Indiana Senior Championship, and Indiana Assistant's Championship is handled through the PGA of America and not through BlueGolf. Players are encouraged to register for these events as the larger our field size, the more qualifying spots Indiana gets as well as the potential for more national sponsor money.


Southern Open
Northern Open
Indianapolis Open
Club Car Stroke Play
Monticello Open

Eligible: Amatuers, PGA Members (certain classifications) and Approved Player PGA Associates.
Not Eligible: PGA Classifications A-3 and LMR, LMA, RM, F, Reserve


Spring Pro-Am
Four Man Team
PGA Senior Team
IGA/PGA Mixed Four Ball
IGA/PGA Father/Son
State Pro-Am
PGA Team
Fall Pro-Am

Team Events: Any player (including amateurs) 50 years of age or older will have the option to play a forward tee (approx. 90-92%) of the Regular Tees.  All players are competing for the same purse.

Eligible: Amateurs, PGA Members (certain classifications) and Approved Player PGA Associates
Not Eligible: PGA Classification A-3, F, Reserve


Indiana Open, Indiana Senior Open & Indiana Women's Open: Open to all residents of Indiana (Amateurs & Professionals).  All PGA Classifications and Non-PGA professionals are eligible for this event, providing they meet Indiana residency requirements.

Section Professional Championship, Senior Professional Championship & Assistant's Championship: Open to all PGA classifications that are allowed for the respective PGA National Championship.


A player is entitled to a refund of the entry fee less a $10 service charge when withdrawal from an event is made prior to the tournament deadline date. Anyone wishing a refund when withdrawing after the tournament deadline must make a written request to the IGA Tournament Committee. Those requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis.


Although competing from separate tees (men from the men's tees and women from the women's tees), men and women professionals will compete for the same purse in Club Car Stroke Play Championships & all Team events.  The tees will be set at approx. 85% of Regular Tees.


The following actions are regarded as violating the Player Code of Conduct and will not be tolerated. Any violation witnessed by or reported to the IGA-PGA staff will be brought to the attention of the PGA Tournament Committee and / or the PGA Board of Directors who will determine the penalty to be imposed. The penalty will be determined by the offense, but might include fines and / or suspensions.

  • Practice round violation: It is recommended that players not hit more than one ball to the green. Please be courteous to the property of the host club and not use the fairway as the range.

  • Participants should always use restroom facilities when needed.

The Executive Director, Tournament Director and Tournament Committee shall be authorized to impose penalties consisting of a fine of $100 for the first offense, a fine of $150 for the second offense and suspension from tournament play for the third offense for any of the following violations:

  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages during Championship Rounds excluding the following events: Las Vegas Pro Am, Indiana Section PGA Sanctioned Pro Ams, PGA Pro-Am, PGA Fall Pro-Am, Four Man Team Championship,Pro Lady Championship, Spring Pro-Am, Pro-Assistant, PGA Team, PGA Mixed Four Ball, PGA Junior/Senior, & PGA Father/Son.

  • Club throwing / club breaking

  • Damage to or littering the property of the course or the IGA-PGA.

  • Blatant profanity or any profanity directed at the rules officials, other competitors, spectators, sponsors, staff, volunteers or others.

  • Any other conduct deemed by the Tournament Director to be disrespectful to other competitors, the club or tournament staff.


All competitors are required to notify the Section Office of their withdrawal from a tournament prior to the event. If it is necessary to withdrawal after 5:00 PM of the day before the tournament, competitors are asked to notify the golf course. The PGA Tournament Committee or the Tournament Director will call offenders of this policy. Multiple time offenders will be brought to the PGA Tournament Committee and competitors may be subject to fines or suspensions.


The Indiana PGA tournament staff will be utilizing a two/four checkpoint system to monitor and apply penalties for slow play. The complete details will be posted at each tournament.


Cell phones may be used to check inclement weather.  Cell phone applications used as distance measuring devices may also be used now as long as they measure distance only - not slope, gravity, wind speed etc.


All participants in Indiana PGA events may wear slacks or shorts that constitute appropriate golf apparel (Cut offs, sweat pants, and gym shorts are not acceptable). All male participants must wear slacks at the Professional Championship, the Senior Professional Championship, and the Assitant's Championship.  Female participants in Indiana PGA events may wear skorts, walking shorts or golf shorts that constitute acceptable clothing worn by women in connection with participation in professional golf tournaments. All participants are required to present a neat appearance, appropriate to a professional golf tournament in clothing and grooming. Jeans and t-shirts are not acceptable. Anyone not conforming to this policy will not be allowed to play.

Amateurs participating in Indiana PGA events may wear slacks or shorts that constitute appropriate golf apparel (Cut offs, sweat pants, and gym shorts are not acceptable). 

Caddies are expected to be neat in appearance with respect to clothing and personal grooming. Shirts with collars are required. T-shirts, tank tops, cut-offs, gym clothes and jeans are examples of attire that does not meet this requirement. Shorts of an appropriate length are acceptable. The official in charge of the event shall decide whether this requirement has been met.


The IGA-PGA recognizes the USGA as the governing body of the Rules of Golf. In accordance with USGA Rules, the IGA-PGA will not allow any participant in Indiana Golf Association, Indiana Section PGA or Indiana Golf Foundation events to use a non-conforming golf ball or a non-conforming golf club. Should the use of non-conforming equipment take place in an IGA, Indiana PGA or Indiana Golf Foundation event, the participant shall be disqualified. A current list of non-conforming golf balls and clubs can be viewed online at under 'Equipment.

New Rules Regarding Grooves info


The "one seat" policy will be in effect for all events.  Either the player OR the caddie will be allowed to ride in or move a golf cart, but not at the same time.  The player and the caddie are not allowed to ride in the same cart or separate carts at the same time.


Starting times for Indiana Section PGA events will be made by the Tournament Committee, Tournament Administrator and/or the Executive Director and will be made available to participants prior to the event. Starting times so posted are final.


ONE prolonged note signals a suspension for a dangerous situation and all players SHALL DISCONTINUE PLAY IMMEDIATELY. If a player fails to discontinue play, he may be disqualified. All practice areas shall be closed during a suspension for a dangerous situation until the committee has declared them open for use. THREE notes signal all other suspensions, players have the option of finishing out the hole they are playing or they may discontinue play. TWO notes signal a resumption of play unless otherwise declared by the committee. signal all other suspensions.


It is felt that card playing is a matter of individual responsibility and its propriety may vary from club to club. In general the Tournament Committee frowns on card playing at the site of any competition and feels that abusing a privilege such as this can injure the Association and cause embarrassment to the host golf professional. For this reason, card playing by groups of golf professionals on the premises of a tournament site shall only be allowed when authorized by the host golf professional. Warnings shall be given to those who abuse this policy and if the warning goes unheeded, violators shall be subject to disciplinary action.


The USGA is clear on its policies on gambling. The Indiana Section PGA concurs with these policies. The Tournament Committee feels that when players engage on betting on themselves or on their teams that they will do so in a discreet manner that will not in any way or manner cause embarrassment to the host club or golf professional or the Association. Anyone who abuses this policy shall be warned; and if the warning goes unheeded, violators will be subject to disciplinary action.


The penalized player(s) may make appeals to the Tournament Committee who will hear all the facts and either uphold the decision or overrule. In all instances, the decision of the Tournament Committee is final.


Appeals may be made by the penalized player(s) to the Tournament Committee who will hear all the facts and either uphold the decision, overrule, or in some cases, refer the situation to the Indiana PGA Board of Directors for administration. In the latter case, the normal appeal procedure as outlined in the Constitution and By Laws of the PGA of America will take precedence.


Championship events conducted by the Indiana Section PGA are sanctioned by the Section. During the play of an Indiana Section PGA event, at a given club or course, another tournament not scheduled or sanctioned by the Section, where prize money or compensation is awarded to the golf professional, may not be participated in nor hosted by Indiana PGA Members, Approved Players, or Associate Head Professionals unless such non-Indiana PGA Section event is being played outside the established boundaries of the Section.

Special permission permitting play in or hosting a conflicting event may be granted only at the discretion of the Indiana Section PGA Tournament Committee. Requests must be submitted in writing to the Tournament Chairman at least 30 days prior to the date of conflict.

PGA Tour, USGA, National PGA, Indiana Golf Association events played opposite Indiana Section PGA events are not considered to be in conflict.

A player who participates in or hosts a conflicting event, without prior consent, will automatically be disciplined as follows:

  • First Offense $200.00 fine.

  • Second Offense $200.00 fine and suspension of playing privileges for one year from the date of the offense.

  • Additional offenses, failure to pay fine or abide by the terms of the suspension will constitute a violation of the PGA Code of Ethics and therefore subject the offender to suspension from the PGA.