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National and State Non-IWGA Events

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IWGA Policies and Procedures

To be eligible to play in IWGA or Indiana PGA Open events, an amateur must be:

  • A member of or have playing privileges at a club or course which is a current member of the IGA-PGA.

  • Possess a current IGA-PGA GHIN Approved Handicap Index.

Eligibility will be verified when entries are received and will be subject to continuing review. Entries are subject to rejection at any time (including during the Championship) by the IWGA. The reason for rejection may include unbecoming conduct. Resident requirements may vary for Indiana PGA events. Please check the official tournament entry for particular event guidelines.

Entry Procedure

Entries will be accepted only on official IWGA Entry Forms, photocopies thereof, faxed entries or online entries ( Incomplete, inaccurate or telephone entries will not be accepted and entries are not accepted by postmark date. Full payment of the entry fee must accompany the entry. Check or money order is acceptable. Checks are to be made payable to the conducting Association as indicated on the entry form. If faxing an entry, make sure all Visa or MasterCard numbers are correct and legible, and include all necessary information. Late entries will not be accepted, so please allow time for delay in delivery. The fields for some events fill up quickly, so we encourage you to enter as soon as possible, regardless of the entry deadline.

Alternate Policy

Entries which arrive at the Indiana Golf Office before the entry deadline for an event whose field has been filled will be placed on an alternate list in the order in which the entries are received*. Entrants affected by the alternate policy will be notified by mail of their status. At the site, on the first day of play of an IWGA event, alternates will be drawn from the official list of alternates who are actually present, on-site and ready to play. Alternates must announce their presence to an IWGA Official as soon as possible. On site alternates will maintain priority assigned prior to the competition, i.e. order in which entries were received.

For the Indiana Women's Amateur Championship, any remaining alternate spots will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.  Spots in the event will NOT be filled based on handicap.

Withdrawal Procedure

A player may withdraw from a tournament by canceling their registration on their Player’s Club Profile or by notifying the Indiana Golf Office 317-738-9696 ext. 221. If you must withdraw the evening before the tournament or the day of the event you must contact the host professional, a member of his staff or an IWGA Official.


A player is entitled to a refund of the entry fee less a $15 service charge when withdrawal from an event is made prior to the tournament deadline date. Anyone wishing a refund when withdrawing after the tournament deadline must make a written request to the IGA Tournament Committee. Those requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis. The PGA Withdrawal Policy states that amateurs participating in professional events are entitled to full refunds when withdrawal from any Indiana PGA event is made prior to the tournament entry deadline date. Anyone wanting a refund when withdrawing after the tournament entry deadline must appeal to the PGA Tournament Committee in writing.

Pace of Play Policy

The IWGA will be utilizing a two checkpoint system to monitor the pace of play for most of its championships. A detailed description of this policy is available here, and is included on the event Tournament Information page under "other links”. A description will also be listed on the first tee prior to your start.


Cell Phone Policy (New)


The use of a cell phone during a stipulated round may be used for non-verbal texting and emailing, or to check for possible inclement weather only.  Such use may not otherwise violate the rules of golf including giving or receiving advice or sharing of information.  The phone must be kept in the silent mode.  While using the device, the player cannot distract fellow competitors, or disrupt the pace of play.  Phone calls are only permitted to obtain information regarding a ruling or to request a rules official.  Cell phone applications cannot be used as a distance measuring device.  Any player violating this policy will receive a warning for the first offense, a 2 shot penalty for the second offense and disqualification for the 3rd offense. 


Cart Policy

Only competitors are permitted to ride in the golf cart at the Women's State Amateur and Indiana Women's Open. Caddies or spectators riding in a competitor's cart will result in a two stroke penalty for the player. In support of the facilities hosting IWGA and Indiana PGA events, participants have the option of riding in a golf cart, utilizing a caddie or carrying their own clubs. There is a two cart per group limit in IWGA and Indiana PGA events. No spectator carts are allowed for any reason.

Conduct Policy

The following actions are regarded as violating the Player Code of Conduct and will not be tolerated. Any violation witnessed by or reported to the Tournament Staff will be brought to the attention of the IGA-PGA Board of Directors who will determine the penalty to be imposed. The penalty will be determined by the offense, but might include fines and / or suspensions.

  • Club throwing / club breaking

  • Damage to or littering the property of the course or the IGA-PGA.

  • Blatant profanity or any profanity directed at the rules officials, other competitors, spectators, sponsors, staff, volunteers or others.

  • Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages during tournaments.

  • Practice round violation: It is recommended that players not hit more than one ball to the green. Please be courteous to the property of the host club and not use the fairway as the range.

  • Participants should always use restroom facilities when needed.

  • Any other conduct deemed by the Tournament Director to be disrespectful to other competitors, the club or tournament staff.

Dress Code

In all IWGA events, players must be neat in appearance with respect to clothing and personal grooming. The official in charge of the event shall decide whether this requirement has been met, and has the authority to withdraw the entry of a player who does not comply. T-shirts, tank tops, cut-offs, gym shorts and jeans are examples of attire that does not meet this requirement. Individual golf course policies will be enforced during IWGA events, including any non-metal spike policy.

Non-Conforming Golf Balls & Golf Clubs

The IGA-PGA recognizes the USGA as the governing body of the Rules of Golf. In accordance with USGA Rules, the IGA-PGA will not allow any participant in Indiana Golf Association, Indiana Section PGA or Indiana Golf Foundation events to use a non-conforming golf ball or a nonconforming golf club. Should the use of non-conforming equipment take place in an IWGA, Indiana Section PGA or Indiana Golf Foundation event, the participant will be disqualified.

New Rules Regarding Grooves info

Spikeless / Non-Metal Golf Shoe Requirement / Release of Liability

It is the requirement of some of the host facilities that Spikeless/Non-Metal golf shoes are worn. While at these facilities, it is required that all individuals wear spikeless/non-metal golf shoes. This requirement is the policy of the host facility and not of the Indiana Section of the PGA of America or Indiana Golf Association. The use of spikeless/non-metal golf shoes may cause the participant to slip or experience reduced traction on wet, damp, or uneven terrain. The participant hereby releases the Indiana Golf Association, Indiana Section PGA and their officers, directors, members, employees, successors and assigns ( the "Indemnified Parties") from any and all claims for loss or damage, inclusive of but not limited to personal injury, whether or not caused by the participant’s use of spikeless/non-metal golf shoes at the host facility’s premises in connection with the tournament.

Suspension of Play

ONE prolonged note signals a suspension for a dangerous situation and all players SHALL DISCONTINUE PLAY IMMEDIATELY. If a player fails to discontinue play, he shall be disqualified.

All practice areas shall be closed during a suspension for a dangerous situation until the committee has declared them open for use.

THREE notes signal all other suspensions, players have the option of finishing out the hole they are playing or they may discontinue play.

TWO notes signal a resumption of play unless otherwise declared by the committee.

No Show Policy

A player who fails to notify the host professional, a member of his/her staff, or an IWGA Official of withdrawal prior to his scheduled tee time will receive a letter notifying him that he is on probation. A second violation of this policy will result in a suspension from IWGA events for 1 (one) calendar year from the date of suspension.