*Scholarships are now posted for 2018 graduating High School Seniors. Download the applications below to fill in electronically.

Indiana Golf Foundation Scholarship

Founded in 1994, the Indiana Golf Foundation was created to preserve and promote the game of golf in Indiana. The Indiana Junior Golf Program was already well-established, having been formed in 1987, and once moved under the Foundation umbrella, would continue to grow. In 1996, a scholarship program was created to provide financial assistance for students who actively participated in the Indiana Junior Golf Program.

Foundation Scholarship Application

David E. Simon Scholarship

In 1999, an additional scholarship fund was established at the Indiana Golf Foundation. David E. Simon created a scholarship to reward students who had worked at an Indiana golf facility with financial assistance to pursue a college education.

Simon Scholarship Application 

Mitchell Continuing Education Scholarship

In 2016, the Indiana Golf Foundation established an additional scholarship fund for graduating high school seniors. William Mitchell created this scholarship to reward students who have been involved in the game of golf and have excelled in their academic achievements, as well as have worked at an Indiana golf facility with financial assistance to pursue a college education.

Mitchell Scholarship Application

Directions for submitting an application:

  • Choose the scholarship application, then download and save under your first and last name and scholarship, i.e. AutumnStrong.Foundation.pdf or AutumnStrong.Simon.pdf. or AutumnStrong.Mitchell.pdf

  • Once you download and save the application to your computer, please complete the application by filling in the pdf electronically. You can tab between fields and save as needed.

  • The essay should be one-page, 1.5 spaced, and saved as a pdf under your last name with scholarship name, i.e. Strong.Foundation.pdf or Strong.Simon.pdf or Strong.Mitchell.pdf.

  • Each scholarship requires completion of the Academic Evaluation.

  • Only Simon & Mitchell Scholarship applications need to complete the Employment Evaluation form.

How to submit your application:

  • Students should email a copy of the application and essay to

  • Students should print a copy of the application and essay, provide copies of parents’ 1040 forms, academic evaluation, transcripts and employment evaluation (only if applying for Simon & Mitchell Scholarships) and mail in a 10x13 envelope. Please use paper clips if necessary, do not staple any documents. Do not bind applications or use folders.

  • Applications with all supporting material must arrive by March 2, 2018 by Noon to our PO Box address.

Mail to the following:

Indiana Golf Foundation
Attn: Scholarship Committee
PO Box 516
Franklin, IN 46131
Please contact Autumn Strong at with questions.