What is BlueGolf?

BlueGolf is a complete golf management program being used by iGolf Indiana, Indiana Golf Association – Indiana PGA. Since 2007, the IGA-PGA has used the BlueGolf platform for tournament administration and online registration. Beginning in January 2010, the Indiana Golf Office has now added handicap services to the BlueGolf platform to provide a complete solution for members. In addition, via BlueGolf, iGolf Indiana members will have access to the most complete directory of Indiana golf courses available on the internet.

Where do I go to login for handicap or tournament services?

There is now one login area located on top bar of our website. Use your iGolf number and password to login (first time login password will be your last name, and then you may change it to something personal after logging in). This one login will access your member record, which includes all handicap information, statistics, and the ability to register for IGA-PGA tournaments.

How do I post a score online?

Click the "Post a Score” button.  You will be asked to click a button to login. Please enter your information. Once that has been done you will be taken directly to the score posting page of your member account. 

How do I register online for IGA-PGA tournaments?

Online registration for IGA-PGA events has not changed. Login to your member account and click the "Tournaments” tab. You will see all of the tournaments for which you are eligible. Check the box next to the tournament you wish to register for and click the register button below. You may also register directly from the tournament schedule page.

How are handicap revisions calculated?

Handicap revisions will now take place on the 1st and 15th of every month beginning March 1st, 2015. Revisions will happen automatically since scores posted at the club and online will now be available instantly.

Why should an email address and mailing address be added to my record?

All players with an email address will receive an email update every time their handicap is revised. Providing a mailing address is the only way to secure that you will receive your Golf Digest publication in the mail. In addition, all players with a mailing address or email address may receive publications and notifications from the Indiana Golf Office. Simply login to your member account to update your information.

Can I have my iGolf handicap record linked with my handicap record in another state?

Yes. iGolf is a member of the International Golf Network (IGN). The IGN allows members to have their handicap records linked through state and regional golf associations throughout the country. Please contact the Indiana Golf Office to have your record linked to another club.

Where do I access the iGolf course directory?

Click on the "member courses” link.

Who do I contact with questions or for support?

Please contact the Indiana Golf Office at (800) 779-7271 or via email at