Scholarships are NOW CLOSED for 2021.

*Scholarships are now posted for 2021 graduating High School Seniors. Please read the eligibility guidelines for each scholarship.  To be considered for a scholarship, your application and all required documents are due by 12 pm/Noon on Friday, February 26th. The application is a Google form, you must have a Google account (Gmail). Questions: Autumn Strong or

Indiana Golf Foundation Scholarship

Founded in 1994, the Indiana Golf Foundation was created to preserve and promote the game of golf in Indiana. The Indiana Junior Golf Program was already well-established, having been formed in 1987, and once moved under the Foundation umbrella, would continue to grow. In 1996, a scholarship program was created to provide financial assistance for students who actively participated in the Indiana Junior Golf Program.

Eligibility Requirements

Indiana Golf Foundation Scholarship Application

David E. Simon Scholarship

In 1999, an additional scholarship fund was established at the Indiana Golf Foundation. David E. Simon created a scholarship to reward students who had worked at an Indiana golf facility with financial assistance to pursue a college education.

Eligibility Requirements

David E. Simon Scholarship Application


Application Directions:

  • If you do not already have a Google account (Gmail) you will need one to complete the applications ran through google forms
  • All required documents are requested in the Google form and are required to be uploaded within the Google form. Preferred that all documents are saved and uploaded individually and saved with name and document title (Ex: Autumn Strong_Essay, Autumn Strong_Transcripts)
  • The Indiana Golf Foundation scholarship requires completion of the Academic Evaluation Form and the David E. Simon scholarship requires completion of the Academic Evaluation Form and the Employment Evaluation Form (see downloads below).
  • Additional letters of recommendation are welcome in addition to the Evaluation Forms, just upload within the google form. 
Academic Evaluation Form
Employment Evaluation Form