Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

The Indiana Golf Office is always looking for volunteers to help at our events.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Todd DeHaven, Tournament Director at 317-739-3013 or via email at tdehaven@indianagolf.org.


If you don't have a strong background in Rules Officiating this position may be best for you. As a Scorer you will assist the IGA-PGA tournament staff by collecting and checking scorecards after the completion of each players round.

Sometimes you may be asked to drive a leaderboard cart keeping and recording up to date scoring information for that group. Scorers will inform the tournament staff on scoring information as needed.


One way to gain experience as a Rules Official is to help out as a Spotter. You will be positioned on a hole spotting golf balls for participants. This volunteer will have access to a radio and can listen in on all rules situations that happen in the tournament. When rules situations occur on your hole you will call a rules official and witness first hand how to handle that situation.

Rules Officials

Must be proficient in the Rules of Golf to be a Rules Official.


The Host Club is in charge of securing volunteers to be starters at all IGA-PGA tournaments. If you are interested in being a starter please contact the host club and speak to one of the golf professionals.

Duties include:

  • Covering Rules for the day with each group

  • Notifying tournament staff of missing players

  • Handing out scorecards, rules and favors

  • Give players their teeing order based on the pairing sheet

  • Ensure that players are teeing off at their exact starting time