Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

The Indiana Golf Office is always looking for volunteers to help at our events.

First Tee Volunteer Opportunities

First Tee of Indiana has many ways to volunteer with our programs. We are looking for Lead Coaches, Volunteer Coaches, Special Events Volunteers and Home Office Volunteers. Please visit https://www.thefirstteeindiana.org/volunteer-submission/  for more information about our programs and how you can get involved.  

For more information about volunteer with First Tee-Indiana, please contact Luci Ross, Operations Manager, First Tee-Indiana, at lross@indianagolf.org.

Tournament Operations Volunteer Opportunities
We are always looking for volunteers to assist in at our Championships.  We rely on a good volunteer base to provide our players with a great golf experience and a top quality event.  Most tournaments require 4-8 volunteers, depending on the size and nature of the Championship.
There are several ways you can volunteer at one of our tournaments.
Starter:  This is one of the most important roles as a volunteer.  A starter provides each player with all the tournament information prior to the start of their round.  The starter is responsible for the following:
  1. Giving each player their scorecard and a copy of the Local Rules and Hole Locations
  2. Explaining Local Rules in play for the day
  3. Starting each group on time (at specified tee time)
  4. Answering questions the player(s) might have prior to the round
The starter is always in contact with the Tournament Director if they have any questions or issues while starting.
This is a great position for someone with an outgoing personality.  It is not necessary to know the Rules of Golf to be a starter.
Scorer:  Also a vital role in the tournament operations.  A scorer is responsible for collecting the scorecards after the players have finished their rounds.  They usually are working in a covered area close to the finishing hole.  The scorer is responsible for the following:
  1. Collecting the scorecard from each player
  2. Making sure the player and the marker have signed the scorecard before they leave the scoring area.
  3. Answering any possible Rules questions that still might be in question. 
The scorer will always be in contact with the Tournament Director is such cases where there is a Rules issue that still needs to be resolved.
This is a great position for someone with little or very little Rules knowledge, but would like to get involved.

Spotter:  This person is positioned on a hole where players might need assistance in finding their golf balls.  It is usually a tree lined hole or a hole where players cannot see the landing area.  This is also a great way to get involved without having any Rules of Golf knowledge.  The spotter is responsible for:
  1. Helping players locate their golf ball on the specified hole(s).  They do not make any rulings, however they are in contact with the Rules Officials if they need assistance in a ball search or a ruling.
This is a great position for someone with little or very little Rules knowledge, but would like to get involved.

Rules Official:  A person must have a good knowledge of the Rules of Golf to volunteer for this position.  The Rules Official is responsible for the following:
  1. Monitoring Pace of Play
  2. Assisting players with any Rules issues
  3. Helping with ball searches and monitoring search time
  4. Assisting players with any other golf related questions concerning their round
  5. Assist the Tournament Director with weather related issues and evacuating the course if necessary.
A person needs to have Rules of Golf knowledge to volunteer for this position.  They need to study the USGA Rules of Golf and take any necessary Rules tests to be evaluated prior to serving in this capacity.  There are several ways to study the Rules of Golf.  Please reach out to our Tournament Director for any assistance in this area.
If you have an interest in volunteering or getting more information about our volunteering opportunities, please click here.

Todd DeHaven, PGA
Tournament Director

Junior Tournament Volunteer Opportunities
  • Starters – At the majority of our events, we need starters on Hole 1 & Hole 10. The duties would include welcoming and handing out material to each group, going over event information that will be provided to you, and starting each group at their designated time.
  • Spotters – This job would entail being placed in a spot on the golf course that tends to have problems with players not being able to see their shot. Your job would be to try to locate their shot as they hit it and let the player know where it ended up when they reach you.
  • Live Scorers – At our Championship Events we want live scoring for our final few groups. A live scorer will be placed in each group to keep track of each player’s scores and to record and update them on the iPad we will provide you.
  • Rules Official – Must be proficient in the Rules of Golf to be a Rules Official.
For more information or details about events to volunteer at, please contact Paxton DeHaven, Junior Golf Director, pdehaven@indianagolf.org.

Course Raters

The Indiana Golf Association is recognized by the USGA as the organization that is responsible for all course rating functions relating to Indiana golf courses.  We are always looking for more volunteer course rating teams to carry out this very important function.  Teams generally consist of 5-6 people.  The Indiana Golf Association provides all the necessary training and covers the basic expenses of our course rating teams.  

For more information on volunteering as a course rater, please contact Brady Sharkey, Director of Handicapping, at bsharkey@indianagolf.org.